Dita Sunglasses – Wear Quality Dita Sunglasses and Look Like the Celebrity You Are

There is a reason that celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Brad Pitt, the Olsen sisters, Kate Hudson, Jessica Simpson, rocker Lenny Kravitz, and Jamie Fox have been spotted wearing Dita sunglasses and that reason is that Dita eyewear is durable and fashionable. The list of celebrity endorsements continues to grow so don’t be surprised to see more pairs of this quality eyewear on the red carpet, on film sets, and at popular events. When you want a look that is truly star quality, check out this eyewear brand and you won’t be disappointed. Since the brand is exclusive and not mass marketed, you’ll have to buy a pair or two when you see them or someone else will.

Dita Sunglasses began with the long time friendship of Jeff Solorio and John Juniper. Jeff and John co-founded the eyewear company and came out with their first collection of outstanding frames in 1996. These guys have had an eye for fashion and visual elements since grades school when they worked on photography and designs together on film and other projects. Their passion for creating durable but attractive eyewear is evident by Dita’s longevity and celebrity endorsement. It’s rare that a grade school friendship can be maintained and grow into such a lucrative and popular endeavor but Jeff and John have done it and their vision continues to develop.

Dita eyewear is known for its classic bold frames and modern lines. Anyone who can find these exclusive frames can get them without an eye doctor’s prescription. If you do wear prescription lenses, the sunglasses can be tinted for you. Either way, you will not miss out on being able to look like a celebrity whether you are just walking to the curb to get your newspaper, making a quick run to the grocery car, or sitting in the bleachers waiting to see celebrities at the Academy Awards in Los Angeles. You might be mistaken for a celebrity so bring your pen and be ready to sign your autograph.

Some of most popular Dita eyewear frames include the Grandmaster One, the Royce, and the Kingston. Informed by the nostalgia of vintage 1950s through 1980s frame design, Jeff and John continue to offer subtle but firm frame designs that focus on the construction of the frame itself rather than just a logo. Your eyewear should be more than just a designer’s name on the side. Eyewear like Dita’s gives you a certain sense of distinction that doesn’t require broadcasting the brand loudly on the frames. The frames speak for themselves and your personal style.

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