Effects of Ray J's Sex Tape on His Career

When the sex tape of Ray J and Kim Kardishian came out three years after it was made, the two are no longer together.  In fact, Ray J was with another celebrity at the time, Whitney Houston.  They are even rumored to have been living together at the time the sex video leaked in the internet.  The first reaction of Whitney, understandably, is to dump Ray J and go dining with former hubby Bobby Brown.  Not long after, Ray J and Whitney have reconciled.  That is Hollywood for you!

That is however not the only repercussion the Kim Kardashian sex tape had on Ray J, famous singer, record producer and brother to another famous celebrity, Brandy.  One negative effect is his losing a role in the independent Gospel movie with Yolanda Adams.  He was asked to beg off the movie since the news of the tape came out.  Ray J experienced more consequences following the release of the video but most of it are already favorable.  The first one is the offer he got to be a porn mogul by directing and filming more of these hot and heavy X-rated tapes.  He need not be on it, just direct it.  The sex film bosses were impressed by how he did the sex tape with Kim that they offered Ray J to do it for them professionally.  Ray J was said to have agreed to do this already and will be narrating and directing a classy porn movie.

Another great thing that happened to Ray J as a direct result of the sex tape with Kim is landing on a reality show wherein he is the main star.  The show, “For the Love of Ray J”, has already finished its first season and already planning for the second one.  More advantages to Ray J’s career came as a result of the tape.  This is the reason one may wonder if it is not really Ray J who made possible its leakage.

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