Every Snapchat Video Kim Kardashian Has EVER Posted

Every Snapchat Video Kim Kardashian Has EVER Posted ft North West, Kanye West, Kylie, Kendall + MORE!

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28 Replies to “Every Snapchat Video Kim Kardashian Has EVER Posted”

  1. Feel soooooo sorry about little Nori who's gonna end up as her slutty mum kim, it would be very disappointing to see the bright kid Nori turned into a stupid copy of kim when she's old enough to start snap chatting, twittering etc. Poor little girl Nori…. if akanye doesn't do anything about this, she'll be a ruined kid, then woman

  2. I watched 5 minutes, and that's all I can take, how can people be obsessed with that fucking boring selfcentered milf ? Someone needs to explain me. I try, I just can't, what is there to see ? She is not even attractive sorry.
    Wonder what Kanye West liked about her, oh he likes porn that's true and I am ok with that. Sad society really, don't get me wrong, I like watching shit too, but this this ?? Wtf is going on here ??

  3. if kim never had surgery and never had those boobies or that butt she wudnt even b famous shes so vain shes always looking at herself and taking pics i remember wen she made that selfie book for kanye….shes so gross i mean without her looks she dumb and everything u see with her is fake

  4. her VOICE is so daym ANNOYING, I could not watch after 3 Minutes. this chick and her FAMILY shows how MENTALLY screwed America really is, BECAUSE THEY are FAMOUS for NOTHING at all. I have a MBA and BUSINESS is not THIS. The MEDIA can tell us ANYTHING and we BELIEVE it. Wake Up.

  5. She's almost 40 and still doing shxt like stupid apps n snapchats. Is she gonna act like a stupid kid till she retires?! Her daughter Nori is more mature and clever than her stupid (sorry) mum

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