How to get a Brazilian Butt Lift Without Surgery

Women can be very vain creatures and in particular to their body image. While most of the focus has been on their breasts and rightly so, more and more women are becoming aware of their rear end image as well. With the popularity of such celebrity’s such as Beyonce’, Kim Kardashian, J-Lo and many others who sport a round smooth butt women are paying more attention to their buttocks. For many it is cult like and a large butt is a status symbol.

 The competition is fierce for those wanting to attract the opposite sex by sporting a big bubble butt. This is more prevailant amongst  African American females but the desire is growing in other ethnicities as well. There are ways to increase the buttocks with the most prevailant being exercise regimens but I have yet to see an exercise program do little more than increase the glutes and not add any size.

Then there are the vitamin pills, well we all could use good vitamins but not to increase our butt size. Not that they aren’t capable of growing fat but maybe in all the wrong places too. You can eat your way to a bigger booty but you’ll most likely have a bigger everything else too! Then there are the butt implants and fat augmentation procedures. Painful, costly and not permanent just like breast implants, results vary greatly too. Could you imagine sitting on a bag of saline or silicone? Brazillian butt lift is very popular and no it’s not a product but rather a style.

So what’s a woman to do you ask? Well there may be a program on the market that does what it advertises. You see there are no singular products or exercise regimen that  will give measureable results by themselves. A combination of natural supplements containing Fenugreek, phytoestrogen, a miracle product containing the extract Volufiline in sufficient volume to produce fast resultsand an easy exercise regimen to strengthen the butt muscles to properly hold up the added volume.

Ther is such a new product on the market and it’s not available in stores. It is appropriately named LuvMyButt and is distributed by the Thomson Development Group. Last time I checked their website was not live but I believe they were going live around the 10th of January 2011. is their URL. I was told that given the amazing results it was very competitive in it’s pricing.

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