Justin Bieber Fans Threaten To Kill Kim Kardashian

Justin Bieber is attempting to calm the waters after Bieber fans became enraged and began making death threats against reality star Kim Kardashian. 

WENN reports Kardashian has tweeted the 16-year old Canadian pop sensation to say, “I’m getting death threats from your fans!  This is unBeliebable (sic)!!!”

The trouble started just after the 29-year old sex tape star met the “Baby” singer at a White House Correspondents dinner and used Twitter.com to joke about dating the 16-year old and tell fans she has “Bieber fever,”

Meanwhile, the “One Less Lonely Girl” hitmaker used his Twitter account to post a picture of himself with the Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s star, referring to her as his “girlfriend,”  and describing her as his ideal lady.

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Since the pair went public about their newfound relationship, Kardashian has been flooded with negative responses that included threats against her life. 

In an attempt to settle matters, the Canadian pop sensation has used his Twitter account to contact fans and say, “Ladies calm down.  Kim Kardashian is a friend.  A very sexy friend but a friend.  No need 4 (sic) threats.  Let’s all be friends and hang out often.”

According to Jan Hoffman of The New York Times, part of Bieber’s appeal stems from his YouTube channel. In contrast to singers whose careers were launched by high profile franchises like American Idol or the Disney Channel, “Justin, his fans passionately believe, is homemade. Long before he released his EP, “My World,” in mid-November, the YouTube videos attracted millions of views.” Braun recognized the appeal. Prior to flying him to Atlanta, Braun wanted to “build him up more on YouTube first” and had Bieber record more home videos for the channel.

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“I said: ‘Justin, sing like there’s no one in the room. But let’s not use expensive cameras.’ We’ll give it to kids, let them do the work, so that they feel like it’s theirs,” recalled Braun. Bieber continues to upload videos to the same channel and has opened a Twitter account, from which he interacts with fans regularly. The accounts also serve marketing purposes; for example, Bieber’s music video for “One Time” only began selling quickly after it was uploaded to YouTube.

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