Kanye West shares sweet home video for Kim Kardashian’s birthday

The five minute long reel is a montage of home videos that shows Kim as a very young child up to her teen years.

Her late father Robert Kardashian features heavily throughout as he quizzes Kim and her sister Kourtney on various things such as their plans for school and how they got on at summer camp.

One funny moment sees a young Robert Kardashian run up to tell his dad that Kim had met a boy at camp and she’d kissed and “got naked” with him.

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  1. coming from an abusive household, i wish i had this.. it's crazy how much this affected me.. my mother hated me and lets not even mention my donor.. i just hope i can do this for my kids one day… i hope im not damaged enough that im not capable.

  2. I'm not a fan of the Kardashian family, but this video made me tear up. there was so much love in that family. you can tell that their father was the glue that held the family together.

  3. 2:30 Not a kardashian fan but Wow kim was so fucking pretty! I mean look at her! She's so stylish. She would definitely be the IT girl if she were a teenager now. Kylie or Kendall wouldn't stand a chance. She shouldn't have done any of her surgeries. Fame does ruin people.

  4. uggh Robert Kardashian seemed like such a good father/guy! It's so sad that he passed away so long ago, I think he helped his kids make good decisions and would've helped them make better ones then they have already if he was still here.

  5. her dad wouldnt care of what they have become as long as they are happy and know what they believe in for themselves. its so nice seeing that his dad did all these home videos for his kids so one day they can look back and remember.

  6. Aawwww I know that made her cry did not to mention he would never say never like the way things are going now he taught them girls to be humble and not to be money-hungry women but their mother overpowered and brainwashed them

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