Kim Kardashian facing backlash after 60 Minutes interview

Celebrity Kim Kardashian is facing backlash after her 60 Minutes interview, including critics who say the show shouldn’t have featured the reality-show star. CBSN’s Jamie Yuccas has the latest on the controversy.

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  1. Kim Kardashian and the whole Kardashian Clan are nothing but a bunch of Fame whores. they do everything they can to get in the media. they are really useless no Talent at all. She got famous for having a sex tape. What does she contribute to society? absolutely nothing! wish they would all just go away nobody really cares about them.

  2. oh please lets all get serious..she wouldnt be rich and famous if her mom didnt have her to do a sex tape like Paris did.
    Every female in that family including jenners are 100% whores. Shame on the mothers and fathers who let this trash into your houses.

  3. she's not a savvy business woman, people are just stupid and have low self esteem and have nothing to do but follow this Thot on social media all day….doesn't make her smart makes anyone who's a fan dumb ass fuck, and pathetic

  4. Since everyone is proposing reasons for Kim's success, here's my two cents. Everyone seems to hate the Kardashians it seems, then who watches their shows, follows them on social media and buys their products? The same people, of course, waiting for the next stupid and outrageous thing Kim does or says so that they can feel better about themselves. And as the old saying goes their's no such thing as bad publicity, at least for the Kardashians!

  5. She's a terrible marketer. She's only famous due to her tape, Caitlyn being a Olympic Winning Gold Medalist/ her dad Robert Kardashian. It's really hard to screw up when you have a huge advantage.

  6. It was easy for kim to become successfully..1 her dad was OJ simpson lawyer she always had a great hollywood life..She went to the elite schools with Paris hilton, Nicole richie, dated Micheal Jackson nephew, styled celebrity closets made a sextap with one of the biggest R&b stars at that time brother then started posing naked for playboy got a tv where she always naked. Been threw a ton of black rich men..So stop saying if its so easy everybody should be able to do..Because we all know kim already had her foot in the door since birth to be in hollywood..

  7. I don't follow celebrities on Social Media but I watch her on 60 minutes. Kim is not stupid but most of her followers are. Kim is very attractive and too most American's they would rather have good looks than be smart if they had to choose. Kim is not the standard but the exception to the rules of being rich and famous. There are way more educated people, hard working people, poor people in the world they celebrities. So its easier to be a Doctor or Lawyer than to be Kim.

  8. So many ppl took time to watch stuff about her know so much about her then bash her….there are lots of other people out there who have sex tapes and never made it so big because no one wants to watch them having sex she is beautiful whether you accept it or not and no one jus happens to be a millionaire and world famous none of us really know her personally and just because we see parts of her life on media we should not assume we do hating on her and saying awful things doesn't really reflect "morally" well on the individuals doing it either….she has to have some type of talent/skill to be so rich if it was jus sex tape then pornstars would be as rich and famous as her too

  9. She's a human being maby sixty minutes just wanted to take a break from everything going on cuz that's all they talk about the same shit and focus on something different for once they saw an opportunity and took it she's not a bad person and she's portrayed that way she is actually a nice person one of my clients had her on a flight (my clients an airline stewardess) and she said she was a very kind courteous human being.

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