Kim Kardashian FLIPS OUT After Catching “Tramp” In Scott Disick’s Hotel Room

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Scott is out of control again and Kourtney isn’t having it.
Forget keeping up with Kardashians at this point it should just be keeping up with Scott and Kourtney

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Guys I feel like I am having deja vu…oh wait no this is really happening another conflict between Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick! We got a sneak peak into Sundays shocking new episode of Keeping Up With Kardashians where it looks like Scott is back to his old ways. But its not Kourtney going off on him this time, instead its her sister Kim who is so fed up to the point of knocking down doors check it out
From the trailer is seems that Scott was triggered by Kourtney moving on to the point where he was getting drunk at noon and bringing girls back to his room. We don’t see exactly who it is in the bathroom with him but what we hear is Kim calling someone a TRAMP. Wow Kim is not messing around… Kanye don’t get any ideas because wifey gets down
DRAMA! I am hoping that there isn’t anyone in the room and that this trailer is just a way to get us to tune in on Sunday night. I don’t know about you guys but I am STILL routing for this couple despite their rollercoaster of a relationship. I believe in you Scoot and Kourtney for life. Ok now I want to hear from you guys do you think Scott actually had a women in the bathroom and were you surprised on how Kim turned up let me know in the comment below. Thanks for hanging out with me on Clever Newsfeed I’m Jackie Iadonisi i will see you soon!

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31 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian FLIPS OUT After Catching “Tramp” In Scott Disick’s Hotel Room

  1. aquandarylife88

    He's single…so how is this girl a tramp? Also, how does someone who has a sex tape call anyone else a tramp. I don't think either of them is, because a person is allowed to do what they want with their body, but the hypocrisy here is so ridiculous.

  2. Shellie Williams

    This is stupid first off Kourtney didn't want to get married but kept having his babies. She made clear for the world to see that she didn't want him not to mention that she didn't care that he was drunk after he was told she was with someone else. Who cares if he had a woman in his room. His not married and he don't have a woman. how in hell is this disrespectful and how is Kim calling someone tramp at all people she calls someone a tramp. Wow, talk about calling the kettle black wow

  3. Antara Rahman

    They aren't together anymore. I don't like them together. And Scott can do whatever the fuck he wants but he should at least think about his children. They are celebrity so normally, their children gonna know and be affected by that at least. If Kim did that because of the children then that's good but if she did it because of Kourtney then she has no right. You know what Scott is. "Sex Addict"😂😂😂

  4. Bethan Moss

    I think children with cancer who need funding and support, is more important than a very rich woman trashing another woman, I don't usually comment but these people are rich for what?! Yet there are go fund me pages and YouTube vids, with people, children, vulnerable human beings in far greater need, appealing for help but we are obsessed with this monotone, superficial, and frankly aggressive manipulative, media frenzy. I don't understand, I just don't understand…don't give in to the "click bait" !!!!! 😱😱😱😱

  5. Daisymagi

    Its none of Kims business!!!!!!!! Scott tries but YOU can't MOLD a guy to PERFECTION. COMPROMISE is the key to a Relationship. Scott has TRIED so hard to Please not just Kourtney but the ENTIRE Freaking Family. Scott wants more attention from KOURTNEY!!!!!!!!! Kourtney isn't giving it up so Hey A Man has needs. A man will find attention Elsewhere!!!!!!!! It is what it is !!!!! Not taking sides but It's all CLEAR as Day.
    Kourtney refused his Marriage proposal so Scott has no security with her because Kourtney isn't serious. When you love someone ..YOU PROVE YOUR LOVE which ever way you can. Scott didn't say Kill somebody if you love me ! He simply wanted to feel He had a woman FOREVER to come home to. Scott LOVES SEX !!! Give it to him or someone will.!!!!!!!!!!!
    If they aren't together anymore ………..Get over it !!!!!!!!! Selena Gomez turned her page …Why can't Scott ?
    More POWER to you Lord Disick !!!!!!!! Sorry just my opinion of what I see from the outside. I Still like Kourtney!!!!!

  6. Paulette Poole

    What do you mean Scott is out of control? Can he have his life back? This man's life for decades has been hanging around. Kourtney didn't marry him, but don't want anybody else to have him either. This family is wrong for staying behind Scott's every move, while Kourtney does what she wants. That's completely wrong. If it's taking this long for them to get it right then maybe they aren't meant to be. Don't try to to destroy this man's life. He deserve to be free to date whomever he wants. He's not married, and if Kourtney wanted to be married to Scott, she would be. Clearly, she don't want him as a husband. Kourtney you are selfish, wrong, and very confused about what you want. Stop holding Scott back.

  7. Atma

    What do you want him to do if Kourtney does not gives him love!? he is a human being, he has been so depressed for their parents loss and all he gets is pressure, judgment and loneliness!!!! Did the kardashians girls will ever comprehend that the world does not go around only for them?? Will Kourtney ever understand his feelings and stop being so demanding? She does not wants him but she does not wants him to be with anyone else.. THAT IS SICK AS FUCK!!! Does the kardashians will ever understand the grieve of others???


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