Kanye West and Kim Kardashian made their first public outing together in several months, and they were obviously on a mission.

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  1. so kim would sit up with his crap but chris was not good enough…wow it must be love for the money!!!!! I feel NO remorse as Kayne and Beyonce is both scumbags from HELL…and one fine day they will be replaced…

  2. Poor guy. As someone who has been depressed and was on meds for it (2003 -2006) , I am really hoping he'll get off them someday. It can become an addiction.. Thankfully I got off medication and told the doctors to go to hell! Three years of my life were blocked from me! I hope Kayne doesn't have to suffer. Not everyone one who is depressed needs meds and need to know what causes your emotions to get out of wack. For me it's stress and to many things going on at once, which could be what he (Kayne) was dealing with. Touring and his wife getting robbed in paris probably took it's toll on him mentally along with a lack of sleep. It all adds up.

  3. Yes, this was all calculated!  They are going to break up.  It is unavoidable.  He's a loser and she has businesses going under.  Look at one of them named Kimisaprincess, Inc.  Really?  Very original name don't ya think?  NOT.

  4. Kim was very protective of Kanye against Taylor Swift's lies so I could see there is a real close bond between her and Kanye.  Sometimes going through so much trouble, as they have had to endure,  can bring people closer together.  The Kardashians don't just dump their men anyway.  Lamar was given every consideration.

  5. people illuminati attacked Kanye West because of this speech, he told us we are being lied to and that there's aliens and much more why the fuck do we keep quiet and blindly BELIVE the media about Kanye being crazy??? he's not crazy at all he said "I'm risking my own public image" a famous artist and yg's new Song says "the government is trying to control you" and dint he get shot???????????????it was a warning as if saying "you better shit your mouth or we"ll show you what will happened to you"…THEY ARE NOT CARZY!!!!! WAKE THE FUCK UP STUPID DUMBASS AND Instead OF NOT DOING ANYTHING, DO SOMETHING!!! AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY AND START IMPEACHING CAUSE WE AS PEOPLE RUN THIS FUCKING COUNTRY!!!THIS IS REAL THEY ARE NOT CRAZY💯

  6. Kanye really looks off balanced and kim is really starting to look different as well…well hers actually started when she started dating him…she used to be clean(midwest term) or sharp dressed. He made her and his stylist clean out her closet and she has not looked the same since. I watch the show.

  7. When i watched it this summer i saw sometings and i said to myself do kanye see himself and his wife. Kim told her fam she made them celebs and those taylor swift episodes. The way they treat their mother sometimes makes me sad. They have a good mom. Kanye looks very unhappy and kim knows it too. Kanye get in a secret place u your wife and kids and talk to GOD get the bible or something and meditate on it. HE gave us a sound mind.

  8. He was druged by its doctors to stop saying his mind… and he accepted it to stay with this stupid comunist badass cause he likes her…. but he is other man.. and that is scary in the musical industry of Hollywood… all artists must follow its rules or is called crazy and tired one… and if u insist one more time u are taken off of circulation…

  9. she looks like she's wearing pajamas…  sick of this family and their nonsense, bs, arrogance, lies and incessant "selfies".  they are all so insecure and vapid.

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