Kim Kardashian Poses in W Mag

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A couple days ago, it came to the attention of the public, that the ever so popular celebrity, ms. Kim Kardashian was posing, in some sort of silver paint, in an artful, tasteful way, wearing nothing.

You can see pretty much everything in this shocking exhibit, her front side, and her back side, which is always for discussion in the media these days anyways.  It is all out there, nothing to hide.

Pondering some of the reasons which would spark someone to do this and publicly let everyone view it, and I can only come up with a few options of why she would do that.  One is that maybe she is so fed up, sick and tired of hearing the media say this, or say that about her figure, and she wants to show them that she isn’t ashamed of it, and has nothing to hide, and knows she is beautiful, and is willing to show the world that.  Another reason may be that someone got ahold of some photos that maybe don’t make her look that innocent, and have been spreading them across the net in a negative way, and she wants to put a positive light on herself and focus the medias attention on her in a tasteful way, instead of on scandalous websites.

Those are just two of the ideas that I had about the photos, but really if you want to check out the photos, I recommend viewing them on the iPhone, because the detail on the screen of an iPhone is actually almost clearer than that of a computer screen and you can also zoom in 😀

View her pictures here on the iPhone, I found a site giving away iPhones, check it out

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