Kim Kardashian Robbed at Gunpoint

Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in Paris by a group of men posing as police officers. They reportedly stole $10 million in jewelry.

Wendy weighs in on the shocking event.

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  1. She got a taste of what happens in the place in Chicago that Kayne thinks he's from. I'm not saying what happened to her was okay, I'm just saying money can't get you out of everything. Celebrities can feel the same as what victims/people in poverty see and face on a regular basis. They're not immune even in their expensive bubble. Some people forget that celebrities are only human just like everyone else.

  2. Why would so many people pay money to watch a girl talk about celebrities. I'm confused.. unless she gives out free stuff to her audience, then i understand why there's so many people

  3. Chyna is so controlling! How can a guy stand that ?! My bf thinks I'm controlling but I'm not even close to being like that!💯 I like chyna but after seeing her show? She's fucking annoying!!😒

  4. This story is fake af! Becuse how can someone so famoussss all of a sudden be alone in an apartment?! Like they are super famous and they have bodygaurds everywhere they go and all of a sudden they werent there?! Like it just doesnt add up to me at all. It all seems like another way to catch some attention as she always does! Thats the only thing shes good at is being able to catch attention !

  5. Kim K will not save you from a Holy God, if you don't know Jesus Christ as Lord now is the time to seek Him. This world is heading into great destruction for it's wickedness. Now is the time to repent and seek to live a life that is pleasing to the Lord. Be holy for He is Holy. He will help you with His Spirit.

    I love you all and God bless

  6. Wendy is really sick and evil laughing at kim being hand caffed and Tied to a door with gun in her head and robbed wendy is laughing at this that's awful and disgusting I don't like kim by the way

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