Kim Kardashian To Blac Chyna: You Can’t Have Our Name

The Kardashian sisters deny Blac Chyna’s request to change her name to Angela Renee Kardashian.


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47 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian To Blac Chyna: You Can’t Have Our Name

  1. Sara Araujo

    No 4 Real Blac Chyna has a big issue! Go Work!! Work for own money… rob has physicsl problems and you took all the stuff from him and the baby? You are so embarrassing and Gold digger!!

  2. debby haddad

    BLK CHINA Needs to stick keep this name. The Kardashian should go forward with the trademark. I think poor Rob has need of a good doctor, a MRI. He is suffering. Get him help. She needs help too. I am being nice, her behavior isn't what his baby or hers needs to be around. You don't want to carp on tv, ii don't, that's what this is.

  3. Joy Starsx

    Team kardashian and plus robs and chynas relationship is not hitting a straight road theyre always breaking up and getting back together constantly fighting so whats the point on getting married

  4. Cristian Gomez

    Lmao when chyna got pregnant the first thing she said is that my baby isn't gonna be a kardashian on her snap, so people don't believe what social media says and believe it or not yes she came from the hood but NOBODY built her up but HERSELF!! from stripping to modeling to getting out her lash brand and opening a salon to coming out in artist music videos etc .. & for all the people saying she's only with rob because of his money, hunny she has more money than he does !! Simply because rob hasn't had a carrier because he's been a lazy fuck for years. I really feel like she truly loves him because who in the fuck would someone go beyond far to make rob life better , she made him lose weight! She's helping him get a stable carrier etc ( I'm not gonna state everything, just search it up )and in the other hand in rob & chynas show she's always telling him to kiss her good and put some tongue on it ! Lol ! I would not be hella wanting to make out at its finest with a ugly fat lazy nigga that hasn't had his shit straight, he needs to mature. He's not the same rob. Sadly.

  5. Belinda Duhon

    I don't know why they sure worry about Chyina wanting put her name as Angela Renee Kardashian cause she will be a Kardashian anyway when her and Rob gets Marry and she does have to businesses of her own


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