Kim Kardashian’s Cellulite Fight

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Recently, Kim Kardashian underwent a laser cellulite treatment in order to minimize the unwanted bumps and lumps from her body. She not only confessed that she underwent a cellulite laser treatment but also revealed the complete procedure which was filmed for the show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”. She came with the idea in order to make a calendar for Reggie. In order to make this calendar shoot as the hottest ever shoot, she had to get in shape. For getting good shape, Kim Kardashian worked hard. The nurse at the American laser center, where she did her laser hair removal treatment suggested her to undergo cellulite treatment called as VelaShape.

The story continues

VelasShape is a non surgical device which would massage the cellulite affected areas. This would promote more of blood circulation and thus minimize cellulite. That time, Kim Kardashian had time only to undergo one treatment. However, she is looking forward to undergo one more. She has worked extremely hard for getting into shape and is quite content with it. She adds, some things are genetic and you cannot change it much, no matter how much efforts you take. Kim Kardashian mainly underwent this treatment because of Paris Hilton. Once, Paris Hilton commented on her derriere and said that it looked like the cottage cheese which is stuffed in a garbage bag. She wasn’t hurt by Hilton’s comment. She also claims that she underwent this treatment long time before Hilton commented.

VelaShape for cellulite

VelaShape machine makes use of a combination of radio frequencies, massaging, and the infrared lights in order to exfoliate the ugly looking cellulite from the skin cells. VelaShape is one of the first and the only non-surgical treatment available for cellulite. The device used for the treatment is FDA approved. It is easy to enhance your body and improve your lifestyle also feel great. The treatment is completely safe and painless too. This treatment allows achieving a toned body comfortably. Undertaking four sessions would you feel youthful. You would experience a gradual smoothening of the skin surface along with reduction in cellulite. Precise heating of the cellulite affected areas would ensure a safe and an effective treatment. This treatment does not use drugs. Thus, there are no side effects of this treatment. VelaShape would help to contour, slim and shape the body and giving an opportunity to lead a carefree life.

This device, VelaShape is proved as the only device having breakthrough results as it treats the upper layers of the skin as well as the deeper issues. This would result in the reduction of the fat layers, appearance and the circumference of the cellulite. This is a non surgical treatment which is effective and painless. You can get rid of cellulite in four sessions itself. The treatment features a technology that would allow you to comfortably achieve a great contoured, shaped and a toned body.

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