Kim Kardashian’s Teeth Whitening Secret – You Too Can Have Beautiful Pearly Whites

Do you have problem with your yellow coffee or tabacco stained teeth? Do you wish for a bright movie star studded smile? Do you want to smile with confidence rather than keep your mouth wired shut when someone gets a camera out? If you answer Yes to any of these then maybe you could benefit from using the tooth whitening treatment as endorsed by Kim Kardashian from the hit show the Kardashians.

She has a bright smile when she mentions, “I’ve always had trouble getting whiter teeth, and never wanted to spend  hours at the dentist plus $300 to $2,000 fee required to get a brighter smile,” Kardashian said, “After trying everything I could think of, I finally found a way to whiten my teeth that works for me and many other celebrities:  It’s called Idol White!”

She then went on to talk about how to use the tooth whitening system for best results, “Idol White allows me to polish my teeth with whitening gel that doesn’t create a mess or hurt my mouth.  It goes on easily and dries in less than a minute.  Now I don’t have to shell out $1,000 and spend hours at the dentist to get whiter teeth!” she said about Idol White.

Idol white is a pen that is used to place the ingredients on to your teeth and left to dry and then afterwards ou can use your standard toothpaste to remove the ingredients from your tooth’s surface in order to produce this star quality smile. The product work quite quickly. Within a week to two weeks you can start to see incredible results. You can find out more details about idol white and the full interview with Kim Kardashian on the following site in my bio box.

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