KUWTK | Kim Kardashian Shocked By Kendall’s Sleep Paralysis | E!

The model opens up to Kim Kardashian West about her scary health problem. See it on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”.


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KUWTK | Kim Kardashian Shocked By Kendall’s Sleep Paralysis | E!

41 Replies to “KUWTK | Kim Kardashian Shocked By Kendall’s Sleep Paralysis | E!”

  1. omg she act like she's dying. I been going through sleep paralysis since I was a kid. She probably not getting enough sleep. Sleep paralysis goes back into ancient times that even they couldn't figure out how to fix it. It's a spiritual thing you can say but they won't do anything at all. Others will say it's just you half awake and asleep and your spirit is stuck in between.Overall it's nothing to really fear. Shes a model and travel a lot so she needs to eat and sleep more often and feel less stress.

  2. What works for me is just laying there not panicking and letting it happen , i always wiggly my fingers or toes though my sister taught me that. I still get afraid I'm going to end up passing out from being scared or being stuck for too long. What even helped was i calmed down for a few seconds then literally made my body jump while being stuck it was like i made myself wake up it's the most scariest thing. Last episode was two nights ago after 1.5 years free.. i cannot reply to comments or see them unfortunately but comments are welcome :)

  3. why do they all have to make a big deal about sleep paralysis it has happened to a lot of people it isn't nothing new nor setious so they should chill there are more serious things can happen to their health but they are worried over such a small thing

  4. sleep paralysis is the medical term for demonic attacks, it happens when your about to go into deep sleep, so seriously in reality thats what it is, its a demonic attack, don't believe do your own research and don't believe others, look it up yourself if your interested.

  5. it's actually really common. I don't think I ever got it. But this weird thing happens to me all the time. Like out of nowhere when I'm sleeping I feel like I'm falling and then it kinda makes my chest lift so I wake up with a jerk

  6. I'm 40 years old and seemed to me that when I was using Xanax the sleep paralysis would be at its worse. First had one in my teens. Went away and would come back as I got older. Also would have out of body experiences during a few episodes. Haven't had sleep paralysis in a year or so.

  7. There are indeed 2 different types of anxiety: There's CLINICAL anxiety, as in the kind you need medical attention for, and then there's just regular "anxiety" which is a synonym for nervousness or worry (please look it up in the dictionary if you don't believe me). P.S. Just because Kim's rich and famous doesn't mean she can't have clinical anxiety, too. And if you think that "money is tight" is the only thing that can provoke anxiety, maybe you're the one who doesn't know what clinical anxiety is.

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