OFFICIAL VIDEO – FULL – Kim Kardashian attacked in Paris by Prankster, but there is security

We were following the tabloid fave Kim Kardashian to her favorite restaurant in Paris, the Avenue restaurant, when famous prankster Vitalii Sediuk attacked the superstar in one of his trademarked routine, but this time the security smashed him to the floor !!!!

Wednesday 28, September 2016 – Paris, France
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28 Replies to “OFFICIAL VIDEO – FULL – Kim Kardashian attacked in Paris by Prankster, but there is security”

  1. thats not vitaly u fucking retard. u people make be throw up . dont know shit and then u go around and correcting others . just search up a little he dosnt look anything like him

  2. so sad what people are doeing to her. She just want to be beautiful and live her life as she wants. Im a huge fan of kim and i disrespect the ones who talk shit about her. because shes was famous of the sex tape it doesnt means shes bad in what shes doeing. She inspired milions of people with her amazing makeup looks and clothing. who i am to say this? Hope she never get harmed

  3. if an Alien from outer space landed outside my gaff and asked me in his inter-galactic broken English accent 'Who is the fuck Kasrdasian Kiym?'' I'd say 'kIYM WHIT? OH RIGHT AYE- some daft ugly tart who i COULDN'T GIVE A MONKEY'S FUCK ABOUT, DUNNO WHO SHE IS, WHO THE FUCK SHE WANTS TO BE, AND IF YOU CHECK OUT HER PRE-FAME PHOTO, GET A FUCKIN SICK POUCH READY, IF YOU'RE GONNA SPEW, SPEW INTO THIS''

  4. Kim is mean to the paparazzi because they get in her way and she knows that they have work to do but she has to get somewhere and also that prankster is so rude.. kim was just doing her business and he just swooped in. Rude!

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