The Real Reasons Beyonce Can’t Stand Kim Kardashian

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They might run in similar circles, but Kim Kardashian and Beyonce are hardly best friends. Even though they’re seen together occasionally, the friendship is reportedly pretty one-sided, with Kardashian allegedly bending over backwards to get into Queen B’s good graces…and failing pretty miserably. Why aren’t these superstars close? Let’s find out…

Hold Up | 0:19
Partition | 1:10
Irreplaceable | 1:33
Naughty Girl | 2:18
Ring the Alarm | 2:42
Daddy Lessons | 3:06

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27 thoughts on “The Real Reasons Beyonce Can’t Stand Kim Kardashian

  1. L. J.P.

    Black eyed Beyonce,.Made up trash,.always trying to look whiter,.and whiter,.But her brat needs to be not coloured, if she wants to get away with it..Mayb if she left it alone, stay dark like at 15yrs. old..would b better, than fake crap..

  2. honeybee484

    Bey is pronounced Bee not Bay. Bey is pronounced Bee not Bay. Bey is pronounced Bee not Bay. Bey is pronounced Bee not Bay… Ok there, I'm done. I don't know why that irks me so.

  3. Valeria Garrow

    Even thou I love Beyoncé's Music, I love Kim for who she is, she is an open book and smart. She can milk money out of nowhere. Beyoncé in the other hand, this misterious BS about her life, her álbuns, the fake cheating rumors GOT FUCKING OLD. I hope KImmey survive 2016, because I really love those two now, I used to hate both, but know I am a big fan of Kim and Kanye.


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