Watch Concierge Demonstrate Exactly How Kim Kardashian Was Robbed in Paris

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The concierge at the exclusive Paris hotel where Kim Kardashian was robbed of more than $10 million in jewelry is discussing how the bold heist went down. Abdul, who was on duty the night of the October 3 robbery, told Inside Edition he thought he was going to die. He witnessed every heart-pounding moment as the masked thieves approached the main entrance of the building and down a corridor where they encountered Abdul and asked him to let them in.

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  1. I bet when this story finally dies down,she's gonna make headlines again by wearing the jewelry she got "robbed" for. that's my opinion. it just sounds to easy for Kim k to get robbed like that.don't make sense.but whatever that's just how I look at it all I can't wait for this story to die down tho lolol

  2. So….when there's countless bombing and wars around the world, we turn a blind eye and never hear a peep, but when this Cancer to society gets robbed, it makes headlines around the world and she deserves all our sympathy and needs immediate care and attention. Smh at these idiotic robots that follow this family like they're gods gift to the earth….bloody scums

  3. Everyone stop being so insensitive just because this Woman is famous, rich, etc doesn't mean she's any less of a human being. After this she probably has PTSD and that sucks no one should have to go through this and I refuse to count her as something lower than me. This attack changed her and you should realize she isn't what she is before.

  4. A little effing hardcore with the "the concierge shows you how someone ducts tapes another's hand, oh it's even a kim kardashian look a like too! (kinda)" Cringe worthy. Mainstream media really needs to die soon.

  5. I don't know anyone who could smile about guns, robbery….what was he doing with the "robbers" and with all of the security that surrounds her and her family…..only one body guard….something doesn't add up.

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