What Eye Creams Do Celebrities Use? Find out how to keep your skin looking as great as theirs!

We all are curious as to HOW celebrities keep their skin looking SO YOUNG! In this article you will find out everything you need to know about what eye creams celebrities use, and where to find it.

You may have heard something about eye contour gels, and how they are the true product that celebrities use to reduce dark circles, baggy eyes, unlike eye creams.This is an exaggerated claim.

The only difference between anti wrinkle eye contour gels or serums and anti wrinkle eye creams is the simple fact that one is opaque and the other is not. Both product lines have similar ingredients (depending on the brand) and therefore create similar results.

Do not be convinced into buying a gel because it is ‘new’ technology. It’s not. Celebrities use a variety of creams and gels depending on who your talking about.

In this article we will focus on just a few major celebs with great eyes and the products they use, such as Jennifer Aniston and Paula Abdul.

Celebrities use safe products most of all. They understand that using a product full of synthetic chemicals can do more damage in the long run. Stay away from eye formulas filled with alchohols and parabens. These are not good to have in eye creams due to their drying factor.

Tyra Banks uses Vaseline for her eye cream. Other Hollywood stars use actual creams and serums. So what exactly do they use? Here are a few examples. Revitol eye cream, Artistry Eye cream, and LifeCell skin cream. Want more specific? Here you go.

Jennifer Aniston  uses: SK-II
Paula Abdul uses: LifeCell
Kim Kardashian uses:Creme de la Mer Concentrate

You can find more information about these products and more online. I would HIGHLY recommend doing some research for each product before you trust it just by who may be using it. Different eye formulas may work better for different skin types. Now that you have a few to research, you can get started!

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