Kourtney Kardashian Tears Up When Asked About Kim’s Armed Robbery Arriving Home From Paris

Monday, October 3, 2016 – Kourtney Kardashian looks upset and is flanked by two bodyguards as she arrives home from Paris the morning after sister Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint by assailants at her apartment in the French capital. Kardashian declines to comment when asked how Kim is holding up and if her bodyguard Pascal Duvier will be fired following the incident.

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40 thoughts on “Kourtney Kardashian Tears Up When Asked About Kim’s Armed Robbery Arriving Home From Paris

  1. Anastacia Louise

    This is the part of 'fame' that makes me the most sad. The papz are like vulptures, fair do's take your picture but to ask over and over "hows kim hows kim is she traumatised" wtf do you think?! And asking about Pascals job come on…Makes me sad.

  2. Jenny Huynh

    Exactly (referring to the top comments.) Look how annoying and claustrophobic this is – for them, this is the norm ANYTIME in public because, accept it or not, they have a large fan base or actually viewer base (those who don't publicly announce or proclaim it) and these photos give $$$$ all around – so to accuse Kim's robbery as a publicity stunt is so basic, small and closed minded, and lacking in brain substance and common sense. They are famous for being entertaining, attractive, family oriented, and plastered all over social media. People give them views and therefore they remain relevant and therefore famous. I'm sorry if they do not represent quality or your definition of quality (it's obviously vacant) but this is what America or the US watches and clicks on. That's purely data.

  3. chocoholicSISTA263

    courtney hows kim doing? snap snap snap courtney… hows kim? snap snap *snap
    is she traumatized? snap snap snap snap courtney you bitch say or. do something crazy so I can get paid snap snap snap snap

  4. Lala Rodriguez

    The paparazzi are so freaking annoying. They ask the dumbest question. I am not of Fan of the karjenner. But dang let them breath and leave them alone. I am sure it was scary. I personally know how terrifying it could be.

  5. Jade Crumble

    I found watching this really distressing. The way they surround her and don't even let her past sometimes is upsetting to see. She's a person, regardless of how much fame she has, and she should be allowed to get from the airport to her car without being harassed like that. It's distressing to see


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