KUWTK | Kourtney Kardashian Calls Scott Disick a F—king Asshole | E!

The fed up “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star explains to mom Kris why ex-boyfriend Scott is not welcomed around their children. See Jenner break down.

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KUWTK | Kourtney Kardashian Calls Scott Disick a F—king Asshole | E!

44 Replies to “KUWTK | Kourtney Kardashian Calls Scott Disick a F—king Asshole | E!”

  1. Who cares what he looks like? I liked how he looked better in the suits personally without the ugly facial hair. But he's a child. Granted Kourtney is an ice queen. They both are toxic for the other. I wish they would just stay broken up and Scott can get his own spinoff show. He's still fun to watch but he isn't even boyfriend material.

  2. He obviously has a problem, to be with someone like that you need to have PATIENCE, with none of them have. He's having issues, he obviously wishes he didn't, you can't tell a man with a problem to stop having that problem. You have to give time and patience and work with it, not saying that he's not wrong, because he is- he just can't help it

  3. Looking at the comments, its shameful how some people are like "he's hot, oooh his beard." Like, do you know what he did? I wouldn't care if he was hot, he still broke my heart. Shows how desperate people can be and having failed relationships. It takes more than looks to know how great a man is. I care more about a person's actions and loyalty, then looks afterwards. Hopefully, they both move on separately and Scott gets himself better for him and the kids. They both need to move on.

  4. The man loss both his parents. I didn't see him cry on the show. He may be dealing it in other ways but I bet it is super hard for what he is going through.

    how can he choose his kids? he his next meal? Well I'm not a father but I can just believe that If something tragic happened to me, I wouldn't even want to move.

  5. Okay he may be flaking sometimes but to completely shut the doors because he's flaked more than a few times is sad for the kids. Let there be an open door policy because it doesn't seem like he wants to be away from his kids entirely although she pretty much used him for kids anyway. It's messed up.

  6. kourtney wants to change Scott and make him be someone who he is not… yes she loves him dearly… but Scott will always be the guy she met in Miami. he wants to go have fun with friends. he wants to go drink. but kourtney doesn't allow it. I'd say, if he wants to go do that stuff then he can leave. the door is right there

  7. From watching several seasons of this show Its clear Scott has issues. He copes with things by parting and going crazy and his family suffers, he probably never wanted to have kids in the first place. I feel bad for both of them wasting years on a doomed relationship.

  8. Scott hasn't exactly been the best father but kourtney hasn't been the best wife either. Scott didn't want kids and kourtney kept trying for them anyways. She constantly manipulates him and he's depressed cause of it

  9. Number one
    Think of Scott's Side of the story he was tearing up he defenitly love kourt and has no reason to be cussed at
    Number two
    Think of how kourts side of the fam thinks of him and calls him
    In my defense I'm on Scott side😛😛

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