21 Replies to “Luenell Believes Kourtney Kardashian is a Racist”

  1. How the fuck is she racist then? I'm pretty sure there were white people there too, it's not racism it's just called being a cunt. And also this lady is a fat ass chatty patty she knows way too much about the Kardashians

  2. Kourtney is the sexiest and most down to earth kardashian. Natural and not all that fake ass shit, surgery etc.. doesn't jump from dick to dick. She'd be my first pick.. fuck her man scot the dork.

  3. This woman is ignorant and stupid as shit. Another hood rat pretending to know something others don't. She looks like an Amber Rose who ate and never shat then fell asleep on a sunbed.

  4. Hell djvlad, aka Vladimir Lyubovny, is a racist for that matter. He's no different than That bitch kourtney kardashian which = opportunistic ho. All of them (including DJVLAD,) profit off of stupidity and creativity of famous socalled blacks, no different from the other owners of Hiphop.

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