Oprah Learns That Love Doesn’t Hurt | Oprah’s Life Class | Oprah Winfrey Network

When Oprah was in her 20s, she says, she went looking for love in all the wrong places. Watch as she looks back at past relationships and explains how low self-esteem led to bad choices. Plus, Oprah reveals the moment she got the message that love doesn’t hurt. Sign up for the online class on Oprah.com for an even more enriching experience. ‪
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Oprah Learns That Love Doesn’t Hurt | Oprah’s Life Class | Oprah Winfrey Network

35 Replies to “Oprah Learns That Love Doesn’t Hurt | Oprah’s Life Class | Oprah Winfrey Network”

  1. "People who love you don't treat you badly" ….Such a powerful line! Simple…. yet extraordinary. I don't think we always understand this at first, but love really doesn't and should hurt. I believe in protecting your happiness and your "HAPPY SPACE" and one such way is in realising that you have to let go of anyone/or situation that compromises your happy space. Till they either get sense or put them away for good but A PERSON WHO LOVES YOU DOES NOT TREAT YOU BADLY… *aha moment right there

  2. Oh yeah I got crushed a lot by words thankfully, and yes I look for love and I think to much Oprah even if feel like he is not that ok I think should I give him a chance , and sometimes I just focus on myself and I say to myself I will be just fine and I will find someone I like

  3. i agree love doesnt hurt. i have been hurt in various ways from ex boyfriends and i always know when i was falling in love for someone again i was privatly in tears because i told myself over and over again, "please dont hurt me." But u know what? To this day he the person who i am with today and set to marry next summer – he never has. HE NEVER HAS.
    Sure we have our arguments from time to time but he, never has!! And i could be more myself around him, better yet hes seen me at my best and my worst and he STILL wants to be with me. He is truely amazing, i believe he was, always was the right person for me and you know what? He came into my life at a time when i wasnt even looking for Mr Right and i know i used to do that so there u go it proves when u look for love it never happens the way u hope it would and i got lucky, it might not be to others reading this although it feels it to me. I got the man i always wanted who loves me for me, not just for how i look like but for me and i think that just makes me love him even more

  4. Oh yes I was battled in spirit so much in the past but not any longer. Husband, old friends, and even siblings just recently. I have loved some men who treated me HORRIBLY at home but grinned in everyone's face. I had one husband tell me was going to leave me but had our daughter so he stayed but treated me worse. I had SO many freaking rules living with him.Wacky rules that made no sense other than to hurt my feelings and control me beyond belief and destroy my relationship with my children. We finally got divorced.. I love so hard got another hubby 2 years later but he, new hubby wanted an open marriage. I did not accept that and his other sicko problems.

  5. Wow, I just keep thinking God put my husband & I together so I could diffuse his temper, abuse & humiliation tactics he learned from his mother & father – I think prayer has helped , but the children are abusive now & He has never felt I have pulled my own weight due to the fact I was a stay at home mother and do pretty much all the household duties. At least my daughter has learned how hard it was to be a full time mom. God bless ❤️

  6. Hum interesting how the story of the guy and the slamming of the door on her fingers has changed a bit! She once stated while her fingers were still in the door she thought to herself" Does this mean that the relationship is over?" The main thing is that moment changed her life for the better. I wonder what that jerk is doing in 2016!

  7. I m sorry but she's wrong; love hurts. Just take a look around and see , all the people that hurt you in the past are people that love you. It could be your parents, your friends, you lover; It's easy to hurt someone that you love.

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