Oprah Winfrey Looks Fine to Me

Oprah Winfrey. A woman who has delivered more inspiration and motivation to the world, in positive development, than, I think, anyone else on TV.

Seriously, I am not taking anything away from anyone else who has had a significant affect on others lives, through the medium of TV.

Billy Graham comes to mind. Larry king. Walter Cronkite, Barbara Walters, Sally Jessy Raphael (ok, that's pushing it a bit) and many others over the years, have had a big impact on the genre of tv, but Oprah, has changed many lives. But it looks like there may be a slight chink in the armor, and it shows, a level of humanity, that I can appreciate. But, I do have a bone to pick with ms. Winfrey. The weight loss fight is back and I fear that it may have a far reaching affect on others 'spirits'.

See, I was, as i'm sure many of you were, watching the news cycle over the last couple of days, and saw her railing against ….. Herself. She's working feverishly, to loose weight. She, as she says, "is angry that she is talking about weight again". And listen, she sounded very angry.

It's a history, that she has allowed to be very public, constantly her desire to find try and maintain a level of privacy. But, a woman in her position, on TV every day, just can not hide what is her reality.

That reality, being, that she is not the smallest woman, in frame. Ok, hold on. Let me do a little man backpedaling now. Not out of the fire, but at least, to cool it a bit. I know, it is taboo for a man to be talking, sharing his opinion about a woman's weight issues ….. Publicly.

And I know, for those of you that are Oprah fans, you may be wondering now, 'how far is he going to go with this?'. I promise you, it's about to take a serious turn. Just hang on a sec.

You see, one of the most important things I appreciate about Oprah, is how she has been a very positively influential source, for women of all ages, in many different areas. She is inspiration. And that is something I value, having a daughter turning 18 this year, and headed to college to follow her dreams.

But here's where things take a turn. In Oprah's anger, I realized that there was a slight bit of a hypocrisy in her position. Hold on ….. Do not leave yet. Just read on … You'll get it … In a moment.

See, oprah has for years, reminded me of my mom. A very energetic, caring, and supportive woman, who people gravitate toward, and who are powerful people in their own arena.

Well, that is the 'inside' part of Oprah that reminds me of my mom. But, on the outside, as well, they are similar. See, my mom (and please … Do not tell her I said this) is …. Um …. Well, let's just say, her genetics were not that of a rail thin woman.

I think many women, no I know most women understand what I'm saying. Genetics sometimes mean you will not be a size 2. And to fight and fight and fight, over a lifetime, to be that size two, can be detrimental to your physical and emotional health.

And Oprah, like my mom, was not genetically designed to be a 'skinny' woman. Healthy, yes, skinny, no.

I remember when she had lost the most weight to date, (Oprah that is) and she did not look healthy at all. Where, by contrast, I have seen her, as we all have, at a heavier weight, not huge, but heavier than her thinnest, and she looked great.

She just is not designed to be a small skinny woman. And should not she accept that at some point? Is her demon, a body image that is destructive? I do not want to go that far, I do not know her, and heck, we all have our demons.

But that demon, being so publicly displayed, on her national show, for a whole week, and through the news cycle, seems antithetical to her goal of making women feel good about themselves, no matter who they are.

Again, I am very much for the idea of ​​being healthy. And as the coming challenges begin, you will see just what I am talking about. You will see a moment where I will go from just 'getting healthy' to a fork in the road, that, one way, is all about building muscle, and getting that 'hard body' or ….. Staying lean, and fit, and adjusting the long term goal to just feeling good.

And that is my point. That is my 'rub' with Oprah today. That she seems to be saying two different things, and I'm worried about the women, who do not have the powerful self esteem to rely on their own emotions and DNA, to know what weight is best.

Everyone is not meant to be 'small'. Sometimes, it was predetermined that you were supposed to be a certain size, that may not be what the outside world thinks is 'hot'. And no, I'm not saying that oprah is trying just to be hot.

But she is attractive, at this weight. She seemed to be able to move around freely. She does not look like she is regularly out of breath. I'm no doctor, but she seems pretty good to this layman.

She is probably in a place where she could, if she wanted to, loose a few pounds, but, without it is a physical obesity concern, placing her in damage for disease or death, it seems that the emphasis may be a bit overpowering .

What do I mean? I'm just saying that Oprah looks great. Oprah seems to be reasonably healthy. Oprah has the right and option to do whatever she wants with her body. But Oprah also talks to lots of women about their self image, self esteem, and emotional strength.

Maybe, just maybe, it might be a good idea, to cool off of the open anger about the non-excessive weight, so that we do not end up with hundreds of thousands of other women, angry about their weight, when in fact , they may just be genetically predisposed to a certain dress size.

I know … I'm a man. Who am I to think I can talk about a womans' dress size? I do not. I am not talking about dress size, as much as I am talking about how you feel about you.

Like oprah said in an interview, "I'm so great at so many other things, why can not I be better with this weight". And it stuck me, that i …. Akiba …. Me …… I was very pleased with all that she has done for this world …. Just as she is.

Obviously, it's her choice to do what she feels best about, but I hope, no I pray, that she tempers her anger, with a balance, for the public, to see that in fact, it really is more about who you are inside (as her whole week of shows has been about), and not what you carry on the outside. Be healthy, but be happy. And for her ….. Just be Oprah Winfrey …. Please.


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