Inside Paris Hilton’s Closet and Denim Collection

Close your eyes and picture Paris Hilton’s most unforgettable outfits. “I used to live for Frankie B [jeans] because they were so low cut,” says Hilton, sitting in her mirrored closet among tens—okay, hundreds—of pairs of jeans. Today she favors a more classic skinny-leg silhouette, but she’s not opposed to reminiscing about her Simple Life days and the skirts she sported that were cut so short they could have been mistaken for bandanas.

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Inside Paris Hilton’s Closet and Denim Collection

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45 thoughts on “Inside Paris Hilton’s Closet and Denim Collection

  1. Arif

    Seriously Vogue with the sound editing?! Anyway, she is such an icon of the 2000s they could've elaborated more on her looks and inspirations

  2. Mentally Loving You

    This is what female 'Celebritys' were. No big ass,no big boobs,no twerking,no giant fucking lips. Paris was just Pink and Leppard print. I miss when it was like this. With Paris and the plain old Miley Cyrus. now we have Kim Kardashian and the twerking Miley Cyrus. sad. so,so,so sad.

  3. elm1230

    I do a little internal jig every time I see Kim K. in the headlines. If you hate this era of celebrity blame this woman! On top of that, Paris homophobic, racist, and utterly vile. Kim K. Is at least sweet and respectful. I love Paris's fall in relevancy.

  4. Elena KK

    What's the point of having so many clothes? The fashion changes almost every year, so what are you gonna do then with all these clothes then? It's not worth it

  5. Tammy Cao

    And her voice is getting deeper… What's wrong? Is she tired or is she not interested showing us her closet since she's afraid there'll be the next bling ring who are jealous with her posessions that they'll try to steal it?

  6. Gilang Congyank

    hallo ms paris hilton i am gusti taufik in balikpapan we havw met with your father delegatlon in surabaya araund 1995 or 1996 i told your father that you will be sukses woman in model and acting now i use my friend selular phone you can sent your message.


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