Paris Hilton means business for FHM

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Paris Hilton is BACK and she’s kindly draped herself on the cover of FHM February issue. As she would say “that’s hot” – AND THAT’S NOT ALL. We’ve got an exclusive flip cover and revealing interview with Joey Barton.

26 Replies to “Paris Hilton means business for FHM”

  1. I'm not jealous of her – I'm incredibly jealous, that some two-faced, idiotic bimbo gets a ton of cash she didn't earn from her grand-daddy to do coke with and fly to her rich and equally vapid friends' islands to party and do more coke? But that's not my point – my point is she is an idiot, a bigot and a bitch – as I previously mentioned…

  2. yeah yeah there are much better sites than youtube for girls. i found this site a few weeks ago with real girls that are horny as hell have a look at this:

  3. This is Paris's world we just live in it, OMG she is so perfect, yes she has alot of money and born rich but look at her photos when she was a little girl, she looks the same,shes natural,she is so beautiful,,and she has that one lazy eye that is so seductive ,she is perfect,my panties are wet,,oh my

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