Vanessa Paradis confined: accompanied by Samuel Benchetrit she pays a beautiful tribute to caregivers

On Instagram, Vanessa Paradis paid a magnificent tribute to caregivers on the front line in the fight against the coronavirus, in a song in which she is accompanied on guitar by Samuel Benchetrit.

"Thank you for everything". In full confinement, several artists decided to send songs to the French, but also, to the nursing and hospital staff, on the front line every day facing the coronavirus pandemic. After Jean-Jacques Goldman, out of her media reserve to pay tribute to the caregivers and to those people who continue to make the country go round, it was Vanessa Paradis who wrote a beautiful song addressed to the hospital environment.

"Hello, we have a little song for you, for all the hospital staff, you who take so much care of us and ours, constantly, we think so hard of you and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts", begins the singer in a video relayed on Instagram by her little sister, Alysson Paradis. A nice message before singing Thank you, accompanied on guitar by her husband, Samuel Benchetrit.

Tributes to caregivers are increasing

In this song, Vanessa Paradis sings of all the support and respect that hospital staff and caregivers have inspired for several weeks, who are fighting on the front line against the coronavirus pandemic. Despite the sometimes insufficient means to protect themselves from the virus, nurses, nursing assistants, emergency doctors and doctors are standing up. "I send you this tenderness, which I kept, just for you, thus begins the singer, and to continue: You who take care of so much distress, I take shelter, I think of you ", before multiplying the "thank you for everything".

A poignant tribute also, Jean-Jacques Goldman he had decided to take back his famous hit He changed life, by simply changing the lyrics to thank these "fathers and mothers, doctors, stretcher bearers, nursing assistants, nurses, security guards". "They have a thousand reasons to stay confined, but their own reason: not to give up. They give us time, talent and heart, forgetting tiredness, fear, hours. And far from the beautiful speeches, great theories , to their tasks every day without even waiting for a thank you, they save lives "then sang the artist.

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